About / FAQ

E❀telle. 16. SoCal.

Height/Age/Looks? 5’3 | 16 | Black hair, Brown eyes, non existent boobs and proud of it but other than that, im skinny and I love my body

Favorite Jam? One Direction, Celine Dion, Lana Del Rey

Favorite thing about yourself? Least Favorite thing about yourself? I like my long nails, hair, and my ability to work hard. Least Favorite thing? everything that i didn’t mention before.

Favorite store? Zara and Bloomingdales. Zara is mystore.

What do you want to become? A fashion designer but unfortunately I have to face reality. I just want to be in the fashion industry. All I’m asking for!

When do you dress normally? I don’t put much effort into my outfits everyday since my school has uniforms. But on special occasions, I am definitely going to stand out.

Worst Outfit Ever? anything with crocs or uggs. and please get rid of that juicy tracksuit. #tacky

How much time do you spend on the computer? around 6 hours a day.

How did you start EJING? a lot of hard work, patience, and sparks of genius 🙂

What is one thing you want to improve on EJING? I want people to know and talk about it. Im working on making it look more professional by fixing up the layouts and adding editorials but its hard since my job is a student 😦

Where do you want to live? Milan or NY. and maybe Shanghai when it gets bigger.

Has your style evolved? Yes most definitely. I look back at what I liked a year ago and it is totally different than my style today. My style constantly evolves but I’m starting to develop it more. I dress for myself because I feel confident but I also like to impress people.

How do you pick an outfit? Honestly, I play dress up a lot. a lot. Usually, when I buy something, I can just vision the outfit. But I love mixing weird combinations together.

Animal Girl? Cute dogs. (preferably small huskys or pomeranians). Or small cute cats (has to be white like Choupette or Mercy).

Do you excersise daily? Yes I do. Around 2-3 hours a day since I am a competitive tennis player.

Where do you want to travel to? I honestly want to just go to the airport one day with a luggage full of shoes and go on the next international flight.

Family Girl? oh yes definitely. I love my family more than anything!

What is your biggest pet peeve? Someone wearing the same sweater, jeans, ect. as me. but karma turns on them because i pull it off better 😉 When the teacher is erasing something on the white board and they miss a spot. oh also, when someone doesn’t close the toilet lid after they relieve themselves. and when people think they know more about models/designers than me.

Do people question your taste? they don’t even dare to. i scare them off lol.

Why do you spell your name with a ❀ and what does it mean? I do it so that if people from school search up my name they won’t find it…idk im paranoid about that stuff. and i think it looks cute, no?

Coffee or Tea? Smelling coffee, drinking tea.

Do you organize your closet? yes i am very ocd. Shoes by heel height/ color. Dresses by casual to formal in color coordination. Jeans/Pants from light to dark. and Clothes for different seasons/ colors.

Where do you get your inspiration from? one word that describes my life: tumblr.

One piece of clothing that you would DIE for?I’m more of a shoes girl…but Louboutin Spiked Silver Pigalle

How did you start your blog? One summer I sat down to start a blog and came across tumblr. then magic happened.

What celebrities style do you admire? hate? I love Anna Dello Russo and Miroslava Duma. Hate Kate Middleton. Sorry but I find her style pretty but not unique. don’t send me hate.

What style do you think is too mainstream? I hate the “hipster girl fall winter look” that is chunky sweater, top knot, leggings, boots with knee high knit socks. ugh please.

Opinion on Illegal stuff? like weed and drugs? can’t stand it. if you smoke, I really can’t respect you. I don’t care if it is for fun, its stupid and irresponsible.

Why do you love fashion? This is honestly the hardest question ever. Everything. The uniqueness, inspiration, designers, motivation, ideas, passion, and quality is all so attractive to me. (the answer in a small small nutshell).

Lady Gaga or Lana Del Rey? Beyonce…jk, Lana Del Rey by a milestone. She is so unique and so old-Hollywood and glamorous. I have mixed feelings for Gaga but I do see why people admire her so much.

Opinions on celebrities? I love celebrities but they honestly need to stay where they belong. I hate them going to make fashion lines, nail polishes, fragrances ect. Because we all know its a way to make money. I think its disrespectful because their name can bring in millions of dollars versus an up and coming designer with fabulous clothes and no recognition.


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